Safety Guidelines For Commercial Refrigeration Use

Update:06 Jan

When you install a Commercial Refrigeration unit, you typically focus on the internal capacity, and overall dimensions to ensure it will fit your store, restaurant or supermarket, and the unit's efficiency and operating costs. However, one thing you really need to consider is how to keep your device running securely.

There are a few safety guidelines you should follow when installing any type of commercial refrigerator in your business. Following these guidelines will not only prolong life and optimize performance, but will also protect your business from potential damage that may result from incorrect installation or poor maintenance.

Refrigerant is required in the system to reach the lower temperatures needed to preserve and prevent food from spoiling. If you're low on refrigerant, there's a leak somewhere in your system. Leaks must be detected and repaired, not simply refilled in the system.

Another important guideline to note is that you should always keep the fans unobstructed. Since the job of these fans is to expel hot air to keep the inside of the cooler cool, blocking them can not only increase your utility bills but can also be dangerous to the components in your unit. Never pull your unit a little bit away from the wall, especially where there are fans or vents, to prevent overheating.

The thermometer and all components should remain in working order to maintain the proper temperature. Too low a temperature will cause food to freeze and spoil, while a higher temperature will help bacteria multiply and destroy everything in the appliance.

If a leak is detected around your drain or any other part of your equipment, you should have it inspected and repaired immediately, as it could lead to standing water that could cause your employees or customers to slip and fall.