Why Is My Commercial Refrigerator So Loud?

Update:16 Sep

Why is my commercial refrigerator so loud?

Your commercial refrigerator may just be doing its job, especially if it's an older model. Newer models that are more energy efficient are more likely to run at lower speeds, but for longer. So the refrigerator noise will be there for a longer time.

In a busy place like a commercial kitchen, this noise might not be noticeable at all. But if it's a display unit close to a guest's quiet dining area, the noise from the refrigerator can become an annoyance.

How loud is too loud?

A refrigerator typically operates between 32 and 47 decibels (decibels). Forty decibels is the accepted noise level for a quiet indoor space, such as a library. 60 dB is an acceptable noise level for AC equipment. So if you feel like your appliance is louder than it should be, it's time to call in a refrigerator repair specialist.

Most of the noise comes from the compressor as it does most of the work. So the first thing to do is make sure it's working properly. Make sure the back of the refrigerator is clean and free of any objects or debris. The refrigerator must be properly positioned and placed on a flat surface to function properly. The power supply must be stable and at the correct voltage.