What Can Countertop Display Refrigerators Do For You?

Update:03 Feb

What Can Countertop Display Refrigerators Do For You?

Display your product at eye level

Typically in the larger commercial refrigerators found in convenience and grocery stores, beverage sales at the bottom of the unit are not as good as alternatives placed in the center of the refrigerator. This is because these beverages receive little attention from customers due to their placement below natural eye level. Fortunately, countertop coolers can be placed directly on top of the checkout counter at eye level, or even on a middle shelf for optimal viewing. This way, every product in the countertop cooler is at eye level, so each product gets the direct attention of the customer.

Facilitate "impulse buying" through registration

Since you can place a countertop cooler anywhere in your store, why not place it at the checkout counter? When customers line up or wait for a debit machine, they have a few seconds to browse their surroundings. Placing a beverage cooler on the countertop—directly within their reach and within their line of sight—promotes “impulse buying.” Any customer who feels a little thirsty at the checkout can act on that urge and buy an affordable drink without hesitation.

Energy saving solution

Countertop coolers are generally more energy efficient than larger commercial refrigerators. Since they're much smaller than commercial alternatives, it takes less energy to keep drinks cold. Since most countertop coolers come with glass doors, customers don't have to open the door to see available options. When they have made their decision, they can act quickly to minimize the loss of cold air when the door is opened and save the energy needed to cool drinks.

strengthen the organization

With a countertop cooler, organizing is easy and straightforward. Since each individual product is at eye level, you never have to worry about where to place an item to maximize its visibility and convert potential buyers into paying customers. This opens up a whole new world of organization, allowing you to experiment with placement to maximize sales without compromising any product visibility.

easy to stock

Since the cooler sits on your countertop, you won't have to bend over to restock the bottom shelf. Often, refilling your drink is a time-consuming process that requires prolonged bending, which can take its toll on your knees and back. Plus, with fewer shelves available for storage, countertop refrigerators can be restocked in a fraction of the time and with minimal effort. This saves time that you could better use in other aspects of your business than a large commercial refrigerator.

easy to clean

Not only are countertop coolers easier to organize and restock than larger commercial alternatives, they're also much easier to clean. In the event of a beverage spill, less product is affected by the spill, so you don't have to clean the exterior of countless soda bottles and iced coffee. Also, clean the bottom of countertop coolers for leaks and spills without bending over to scrub like larger commercial refrigerators. This provides added convenience in the event of a spill, allowing you to clean up messes in a fraction of the time compared to larger refrigerators.

Save floor space

Another great benefit of having a countertop cooler in your store for selling beverages is that it can open up a lot of floor space for other items. Instead of taking up a lot of floor space, a large commercial refrigerator can maximize a store's capacity by placing countertop coolers on checkout counters or other shelves. With this extra floor space, you can increase shelf space and introduce more products without affecting any beverage sales.